Mid Mod Mud

Pottery for the Mid-Century minded MOD!

I got on this crazy ride several yeas ago after visiting a local community pottery studio. I had been to their semi-annual pottery sale several times and was inspired to take a beginners class. I had taken classes in high school, many moons ago, and remembered it fondly - so I thought I'd just "take a class or two"... Little did I know it would soon be dominating my life!

I have always been interested in making art, with my previous primary medium being acrylic painting. After some time learning about and experimenting with different pottery styles I began to see my clay ascetic emerging. I am drawn to bold designs with punchy colors and have long been a fan of anything mid-century, googie and/or atomic!

 My work is made using either a light grey porcelain called "MAC6", red stoneware called "Oregon Red" or white porcelain called "CKK6". I use Amaco Velvet Underglazes for the exterior of most of my pots and various food safe glazes for the interiors. I utilize a Brent potters wheel to throw my vessels.  And for the Tiki shot glasses & mugs I also carve the exteriors in my original Tiki designs. All of my piece are marked with the clay type, year created, Cone 5 (which denotes the firing temperature) and my signature. So when you see all that kooky information down there you'll be in the know, man!

My retro design ascetic stems from spending much of my childhood with my grandparents & great grandparents. Listening to them talk fondly of their years past. Some of which they spent in the south pacific, including Majuro in the Marshall Islands and Kauai. 

Mid Mod Mud was started in the beginning of 2017. After spending time developing my style I saw a place in the market for handmade Mid-Century & Tiki inspired pottery. There are many, MANY other artists creating AMAZING work in the same genre, but many of them use a process called slip casting. Where a mold is used to reproduce the forms and then they are glazed. These are usually done in quantities of several hundred pieces. Where as my work is limited to the number I can physically throw, carve and paint by hand. It's a much slower process but it gives me the time and space to flesh out my ideas and designs by altering each one slightly. 

I have a small home studio in Edgewood, WA that I use predominately to make my work, but I also still belong to and actively participate in the community studio space I started at several years ago. My time there has allowed me to take in new ideas, spend time with other artists and interact with the clay community, which I enjoy immensely! 

If you are interested to see my current works-in-progress follow me on Instagram at MidModMud.

Outside of pottery I enjoy backcountry hiking the deserts of Utah and Nevada, bird watching, rock collecting and playing with my 3 cats and 3 dogs. I share my home with these crazy critters and my wonderful partner in crime / best friend. 

Thanks for taking the time to check me and my work out. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy!


Catch you on the flip flop...